Gypsum Industry

Manufacture company Digips founded in 2008 in Debar (Macedonia), is widely known for production of gypsum-based building materials. Deposits of gypsum in Debar are known in Europe for their high quality and purity. Our products are 100% natural and ecological.

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Digips provides a wide range of products that can be used for both construction and decoration purposes

MP & G 92 Light

Light and single-layered gypsum plaster, for interior building that can be used for plastering and modeling at the same time.

Fugen Füller

Gypsum based plaster useful for filling/smoothing gypsum panels, with or without stripes and solidifying ties.

Electric Gips

Gypsum based product for electrical constructions, filling gaps in walls, repairing damaged areas in wall etc. It can be applied in other universal construction works.

Alabaster Gips

Suitable to be used for decoration purposes, creation of models, decoration for areas such as: columns and ceilings; electrical construction, filling gaps in walls etc.


Putty material that contains gypsum and additives resistant from 3 - 90mm. It can be applied in universal construction works such as: joining gypsum plaster boards, filling and repairing gaps, flattering surfaces, flattering ceilings etc.

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Gypsum blocks

High quality and efficient building material for interior environment.

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3D Panels

Healthy, durable and fire-safe 3D decorative wall panels and stones, made of high grade gypsum quality.

Our partners

Part of our success is also the longterm partnership with biggest construction brands.