About us

Digips company was founded in 2008, with its headquarters in Macedonia. Our clients are successful construction companies in Balkan area and Europe.

Nowadays, Digips is known for high quality products, 100% natural and ecological. Gypsum deposits in Debar (Macedonia), which are owned by our company, are known in Europe and globally for their purity.

Digips is a story of successful and rapid progress and presentation of products with superb quality. We are committed to deliver sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the following: expanding variety of products, deliver excellence in quality and improve customer service. We are continuously incorporating new technologies in order to bring high value and ecological gypsum products to our customers.

Advantages of gypsum

Gypsum products are healthy and affect in stabilization of moisture and temperature in environment. They can be applied very easily, thus enabling to work big surfaces for a short period of time.

Inside Digips

Digips working environment is equipped with modern technology devices and qualified staff. Given these working condition, we are able to provide to our clients high quality products.

Quality guaranteed!

Our products are characterized by their purity and high quality. They can be applied in complete interior area, walls, ceilings and decorative works as well.

The Endorsements

CE certification

All Digips products hold a CE certification, which indicates their compliance with European Union (EU) health, safety and environmental protection directives and regulations.

Golden medal

Digips was awarded with special golden medal in the largest and longest fair: International Fair in Novi Sad. These medal confirms the high quality of our products which meet european standarts.

Eco-friendly products

Digips products are eco-friendly meaning that they do not harm the environment wether in their production, use or disposal. Such products contribute to a healthier environment.