Gypsum Blocks
Digips Blocks

Digips Blocks are gypsum based blocks which can be used for construction of interior environments. As dry building objects, enable to modify your living area by adding or removing them fast and easily. Using Digips Blocks you can effortlessly divide your space without spending a lot of your time and money.

Investing in interior environments means to be prepared for the future. Your environment can be sustainable in time and changeable conditions if the quality of materials used to build them is promising this.

Using Digips Gypsum blocks you can efficiently construct your interior area with high quality walls.

Digips Blocks are offered in various thicknesses such as: 80mm and 100mm and light weight, but they are highly sustainable. These properties make them suitable product for building interior division walls.

Blocks systems combine advantages of dry and isolative building materials in a single product. You can get all advantages through a single piece of blocks (666x380mm) who is designed to enable qualitative and fast construction.

Technical details

Main features

  • Thickness: 80mm
  • Dimensions: 666 x 380 mm
  • Weight: ~20kg
  • Format: 4 blocks/m²
  • Surface: smooth
  • Fire resistant
  • Usage: cut and smooth without damaging content inside
  • Finish: paint with color, wallpaper or decoration products (e.g. bricks, 3D panels etc)

Advantages of gypsum blocks

  • Can be put easily
  • Enable fast construction
  • Light weight
  • Keeps environment temperature
  • Healthy made of 100% natural gypsum
  • Adapt easily on surfaces with irregular forms
  • Can be easily cut and gain different shapes
  • Fire resistant